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Five Good Questions with Broncos blogger

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I pose five questions to a Broncos blogger to help Raiders fans be more informed about their opponent Monday.

Justin Edmonds

For this week's Five Good Questions, we speak with David East from Broncos blog, Mile High Report, to get the inside scoop on a few tidbits with regard to the team he covers. That team being the one the Raiders are set to face on Monday night in Denver. Here is how the Q-n-A went down.

How much do you think the loss of Ryan Clady will affect Peyton Manning and the Broncos offense?

While it sucks to lose Ryan Clady for the remainder of the season, it shouldn't derail the offense. Peyton Manning has proved that he can win with a sub-par line, and I personally like Chris Clark. Clark, who is a natural left tackle, has filled in for Clady before and he has done admirably. The offense will have to adjust, but fortunately they're quite good at doing so.

How much of an impact do you expect Joel Dreessen and Champ Bailey to have?

With Ryan Clady out, Joel Dreessen coming back is huge. Dreessen is a great blocker who will be able to provide some help on the line. Anytime you have Champ on the field, it's a good thing. Yes, he was burned in the playoffs against the Ravens but that was one game off a deserved Pro Bowl season. The Broncos have a very strong secondary this season and having Champ back in the lineup only can help.

Do you think the game by Knowshon Moreno last week was a fluke or a sign of things to come for him?

While no one is claiming Moreno to be the next Adrian Peterson, people are excited. Moreno has always had the potential but inconsistency and injuries have plagued him. If the Broncos can keep the load to around 10-15 carries a game for Moreno we should see some more exciting performances from him in the future.

What weak areas will the Raiders need to exploit to have any chance of winning?

If the Raiders win this one it will be because of two things. First, they will need to force turnovers and capitalize off of them. If you can get the Broncos offense to cough up the ball and then score, you're essentially taking their points and putting them on your scoreboard. Second, the Raiders offensive line will need to stand strong. If the big boys in silver and black upfront can boss around the Broncos DT's, the Raiders will be able to run the ball with authority and keep Manning and company off the field. This will be a nice match up to watch. The Raiders are one of the best rushing teams in the league and the Broncos have been the best at stopping it so far.

What has Greg Knapp brought to the Broncos offense?

It's really hard to tell with Peyton Manning and Adam Gase calling the shots. Brock "The Backup" Osweiler looked much improved during the preseason so you can only assume that Knapp had a helping hand in that. Also, this machine that is the offense is off to a record pace, so you can assume that he's definitely not hurting anything.

I will post the link to my answer to his questions when that article is up.