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NFL Sunday week 3 early game open thread

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Keep it here to chat with other Raiders fans during Sunday's early NFL games.


It's one of those rare Sundays during the season the Raiders aren't playing so Raiders fans can just sit back and watch the rest of the league go at it.

There are a lot of early games in store today. With the Chiefs having played on Thursday and the Raiders playing the Broncos on Monday, there is only one AFC West team in action Sunday. The Chargers are in Tennessee to take on the Titans. Both teams are 1-1 with that loss coming at the hands of the Houston Texans.

There isn't a whole lot more games that might be of interest to Raiders fans and quite frankly not a lot of great interest at all. The best game on tap might be between the Houston Texans and Baltimore Ravens. The Packers and Bengals is also a match-up of two pretty good teams. Carson Palmer and the Cardinals head to New Orleans.

The Patriots get another powder puff team in the 0-2 Buccaneers. The Vikings get it even easier facing the Browns who have already given up on the season and are prepping for the 2014 draft. Eli Manning will try to slow his pace of 56 interceptions this season against the Panthers. And the Redskins will try not to slip to 0-3 against the Lions.

Enjoy the early games and I'll see you next for the afternoon match-ups.