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NFL Sunday week 3 late games open thread

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Your place to chat with other Raiders fans during the slate of late Sunday games.

Jared Wickerham

I hope everyone enjoyed watching the early games. Now it's time to get to chatting for the late games. There are a few more storylines in the late games.

Andrew Luck heads to San Francisco to face his old college coach, Jim Harbaugh, and the 49ers. The Falcons head to Miami to face the surprising 2-0 Dolphins.

The Bills and Jets are not only division rivals but pit two rookie quarterbacks who had very different draft day experiences. The Bills surprised a lot of people by taking E.J. Manuel in the first round while Geno Smith waiting in the green room all day only to go sleep it off before he was chosen in round two. Thus far Manuel looks every bit the prospect the Bills hoped and Geno Smith has looked every bit the guy no team would take a chance on in the first round.

The final game is the biggest lopsided mismatch we are likely to see in the NFL this season. The worst team in the NFL, Jaguars, head to one of the most hostile environments in the NFL to face the Super Bowl caliber Seattle Seahawks.