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Nickelodeon unveils ridiculous new Raiders mascot

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The NFL Rush Zone is a show on Nickelodeon which brings the NFL to kids. That show has now given us one of the most ridiculous mascots you will ever see.

Darren Rovell tweeted out a picture of this mascot today in a true "WTF" moment.

His name is "The Raider Rusher" and he is not an official mascot per se. This is just for the kids. You won't be seeing this thing at any games running down the sideline trying to pump up the crowd any time soon. If it did, I would pray for any human being who were to attempt to enter Oakland Coliseum wearing that costume. It would be akin to Eagles fans pummeling Santa Claus with snowballs or the treatment the Crazy Crab got from San Francisco Giants fans in the 80's during its short and unfortunate tenure as the team's anti-mascot.

This mascot is about as far from anything Al Davis could possibly have imagined and if he were alive, no way anything that looked like that would be allowed to put a Raiders shield on the side of its giant head.