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Raiders vs Broncos second half open thread

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Chat with Raiders fans for the second half of the Raiders vs Broncos.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

It's a route. It's only half time and Peyton Manning has already set a record. The Broncos are moving down the field at will against the Raiders. They have scored on five of six drives, being forced to punt just once. The Broncos drives looked like this: Touchdown, punt, field goal, touchdown, touchdown, field goal.

The Raiders drives have been another the opposite. They have punted on all but one drive. That was a touchdown pass that traveled 20 yards through the air to Denarius Moore, who took it another 53 yards for a touchdown.

That touchdown made the game look within reach for a moment. That was until the Broncos came right back on the next series and scored a touchdown on four plays. It was highlighted by a 61 yard catch and run that was much like the 73-yard touchdown catch and run by Denarius Moore. And it was capped by an easy 13-yard touchdown catch to Broncos tight end Julius Thomas.

We'll see if the Broncos take their foot off the throttle a little in the second half.