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Having Terrelle Pryor has Raiders better prepared to face Robert Griffin III

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Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Last season a lot of teams found it difficult to stop Redskins rookie quarterback, Robert Griffin III. His unique combination of running and passing skills gave defensive coordinators fits trying to plan for him. The Raiders, on the other hand, see a player with a similar skill set every day - Terrelle Pryor.

"I think it helps," said Dennis Allen on having Pryor to prepare for RGIII. "We've seen a lot of the read-option type of plays. Being that we've worked that all through training camp, we worked it in the offseason, and in the season, too, I think that helps us in our preparation."

Late last season, RGIII suffered an ACL injury and this season he hasn't seemed like the same player as he was most of last season on the ground. In the air is a different story. He has made up for his lack of mobility by putting up very good numbers through the air. He has averaged nearly 30 passes per game this season and has thrown for over 320 yards in every game with 5 TD's.

The primary concern with him airing it out so much is interceptions. He has four interceptions already which is just one less than he had all last season. Where he would just tuck it and run when there was nothing open last season, he is now forced to try and make something happen with his arm.

In that regard, Terrelle Pryor, is a far bigger threat in the ground game than RGIII. Still, he's known to tuck the ball and run it as evidenced by his averaging 5 carries per game this season - down from 8 carries per game last season. That's a threat the Raiders are prepared to remove from his arsenal.

Pryor may not practice this week while the Raiders prepare for the Redskins but they have practiced against him enough that the Raiders defenders know what to do when RGIII flees the pocket and tries to make a play either on the move or tucking the ball and running.