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Poll: Matt Flynn or Terrelle Pryor give Raiders best chance to win vs Redskins?

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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

It has been about a month since the Raiders had a quarterback controversy. Terrelle Pryor has been the starter since the team's final preseason game and through the first three weeks. But with his concussion, who will take the field for the Raiders is in question once again.

The Raiders are 1-3 under Pryor dating back to last season. He has thrown 4 touchdowns to 3 interceptions and also ran for a touchdown in the 2012 season finale.

Matt Flynn is 1-1 in his two career starts in Green Bay in 2010 and 2011. He had 9 touchdowns to 4 interceptions in those two games.

Pryor has shown he is a supreme athlete and is improving on his passing. Matt Flynn has proven he is capable of putting up big numbers through the air in a similar situation where he started in place of the injured regular starter. Although, in Green Bay, he had a far more stable team around him.

One offers more excitement while the other is more methodical.

So, since the debate seems to have warmed up again, let's broach that month old question again...