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Raiders with second straight sell out, week 4 game vs Redskins to be televised locally

New, comments coliseum in Oakland California prepared for a Raiders game coliseum in Oakland California prepared for a Raiders game
Levi Damien

The word has come down that the Raiders' week four home game versus the visiting Washington Redskins has sold out and will not be blacked out locally. This is the second straight sell out for the Raiders this season. They sold out their home opener in week two versus the Jacksonville Jaguars as well.

Helping matters for the Raiders selling out games this season has been the tarping over of the infamous Mount Davis. While last season, the team filled the approximate 63,000 capacity stadium to the mandatory minimum 85% and were televised locally, this season with around 58,000 seats they are straight up selling out the place.

Both home games thus far have been against non-division, non-rival, non-winning squads so the only draw for Raiders fans is simply to see their team play. And with both teams coming from all the way on the East Coast, there will be only a handful of visiting fans filling seats.

So, in that regard, it is a more impressive showing of support for a team not projected to make a lot of noise in the win column this season.