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Report: Terrelle Pryor will start Sunday vs Washington Redskins?

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Brian Bahr

*Conflicting reports from Jay Glazer and Ian Rapaport have Matt Flynn starting instead of Terrelle Pryor despite Pryor being medically cleared to play.

The news all week about Raiders QB Terrelle Pryor's recovery from the concussion he got on Monday night against the Broncos has been positive but his status has yet to be confirmed. Though Dennis Allen wont confirm it, Terrelle Pryor will indeed start this Sunday against the Washington Redskins according to a report from Vic Tafur.

This news will be met with a chorus of cheers from Raider ticket holders who were worried they wouldn't get to see the explosive quarterback due to injury. Many people bought tickets to this game specifically to see Pryor play and would've been very disappointed if he missed the game. Luckily that appears to be a non issue now.

Terrelle had to pass a series of concussion tests before being allowed back on the playing field. He has passed each test and was medically cleared to play but Dennis Allen still needed to give his approval too. According to Vic Tafur that final hurdle has been cleared now as well and he will start on Sunday.

The Raiders said they game planned for either Matt Flynn or Terrelle Pryor due to the uncertainty of TP's health and would only be tweaking the plan a little depending on which QB will be starting. It is likely to be a game plan that is built around passing from the pocket and running Darren McFadden because of Flynn's lack of mobility and Pryor having just recovered from a concussion.

Pryor has only had six days to recover from the injury which doesn't seem like very long to some. There is worry about rushing Pryor back too early but he has passed the required protocol so he should be fine. I sure hope so because Pryor is an important asset and the best chance for the Raiders to win games this year.

Starting Pryor does come with a fair amount of Public Relations danger considering how big of a deal it was that the NFLPA was investigating the original injury. The media basically ignored that the NFL had already stated that all indications are that the team handled things properly to make a statement about player safety, so one can only imagine how big the story would be if Terrelle happens to get injured again in this game despite being cleared to play.