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Updated report: Matt Flynn starting for the Raiders, Pryor OUT with concussion

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Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

The football gods can be cruel at times, as displayed with their handling of Terrelle Pryor this week. There had been a report that came out last night that Pryor had passed all the tests and would be able to start today against the Redskins. Unfortunately that report has changed now and it appears according to several media outlets that the concussion symptoms had returned later at night for Pryor and he will not be able to go.

This is disappointing news for the Raiders as Terrelle has been improving each game and really has the fans support for him. His health comes first though and if he is not 100% back from his concussion then playing Matt Flynn instead is the smart call. It has only been six days since the injury so it certainly is understandable to hold him out longer.

It will be a tough pill to swallow for fans at the game that bought tickets to go see Pryor play, but hopefully Matt Flynn can make it worth the price of admission anyway. Matt was brought in to be the starter this year but he was beaten out for the job by TP in the preseason. He is a far less mobile passer which will put extra pressure on the offensive line to give him time but if they do he can be a talented passer.

Hopefully Terrelle Pryor is able to recover fine and get back out on the field because he is exciting to watch. If Matt Flynn does well it will create a lot more noise around him that he will have to deal with but he is a confident and smart young man that has handled everything else thrown at him so far. It is next man up time for the Raiders this week though if he can't go though.

Even if we don't want to go through a quarterback controversy it actually would be the best case scenario for the game this week because that means that Flynn played great. This is an important game in keeping the Raiders season's excitement level at it's peak so we need a great game from whoever does start on the field. It looks like despite earlier reports it will be Matt Flynn starting after all.