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Time for the Raider Nation to rally behind their new starting QB, Terrelle Pryor

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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Raiders fans rejoice! We now have a starting quarterback that the one true Nation can get behind. I will fully admit I expected to be writing this post about Matt Flynn but the fact of the matter is that Terrelle Pryor won the job fair and square. The coaches believe that Terrelle gives this team the best chance to win and he has earned his opportunity to start in the National Football League.

We all want what is best for the team and that passion leads to arguments time and time again. Those arguments get settled on the field of play though and not in the comments section. This argument is now settled whether it matches our predictions or not. Terrelle Pryor deserves and will receive the full support of the Raider Nation now. He has worked tirelessly, he has outperformed the competition and he will start against the Indianapolis Colts this Sunday.

Even the fans that do not believe in TP as the long term answer will have a hard time arguing that he isn't at the very least the short term answer. His play on the field will distinguish whether he is the leader for the long term or the short term anyway, right now our job as fans is just to support him and the Oakland Raiders. Hopefully the new starting quarterback for the Silver and Black will electrify us with his playmaking skills and surprise the world to become the franchise quarterback we all have been desperately seeking.

No matter what happens now we need to have patience when it comes to the quarterback of this team. There are going to be growing pains with a first year starter that we will deal with, that was inevitable whether it was Flynn or Pryor who won the job. If Terrelle is constantly looking over his shoulder to see if he is going to be benched you can pretty much count on him failing. He won the battle and now needs the full support of the fans but more importantly of the coaches.

It's going to be an interesting offense with Pryor's game changing speed and running ability. His passing has improved greatly over the past few months, but don't expect to suddenly see him become Tom Brady. As long as he limits his turnovers and the amount of hits he takes he should be fine. Lets face the truth though, if this team loses it will likely be more than just the QB's fault.

With our expectations low for the team overall it is the perfect chance to surprise some teams. Terrelle Pryor is the starting quarterback for that very reason. He is a playmaker in the open field and that ability should hopefully help keep the Raiders in competition. It's sad that it is still at the point of hoping to be competitive but it is what it is.

Unless the Raiders surprise everybody out the gate being competitive should be our main goal right now. Pryor gives us our best chance for that, maybe he can even surprise the world by turning some of those competitive games into competitive wins. He has earned his chance and in just a few short days we will see what he does with it. Less than a week and Raiders football will officially be back! Now I'd bet that TP is more excited about that than any of us, though the same thing probably can't be said for Matt Flynn.