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Raiders vs Chargers officially moved to 8:35pm Pacific time

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The start time for the Raiders vs Chargers game at on Sunday, October 6 has been moved to 8:35pm Pacific time.

Thearon W. Henderson

There has been talk for the past couple weeks about the possibility of a conflict between the A's playoff series and the Raiders' home game versus the San Diego Chargers on October 6th. Now the official word has come down and the Raiders game kickoff has been moved to 8:35pm Pacific time.

It was originally an 1:25pm start time but with the A's in a home playoff evening game the night before, there would not be enough time to switch the playing field from a baseball diamond to a football field along with the bleacher configuration.

The game will now be televised nationally on NFL Network. Blackout rules still apply for the local market but the game is expected to sell out just as the first two home games did.

This will make for a considerably late viewing for those on the East Coast. That's an 11:35pm Eastern time start which means it will go well into Monday morning. It is expected to end around midnight local time.