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RaiderDamus' Fantasy Advice: Raiders sit/start

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As the Raiders prepare to take on a Colts team that gave up an average of 22.25 points a game in preseason, who should you look to as your fantasy heroes this week?

Thearon W. Henderson

This week the Raiders will be traveling to the RCA Dome in Indianapolis to take on Stanford product Andrew Luck, Reggie Wayne, and nobody else in particular. In week 1 of preseason, EJ Manuel and the feckless Bills laid 44 points on them. EJ Manuel plays a similar style to Terrelle Pryor, so we shall see if the Colts have what it takes to slow down that style of quarterback. Manuel shredded them as if they were the Pitt Panthers. Whether or not the Raiders win is utterly irrelevant in fantasy, but my piece on that will be coming Friday. I know you've all been waiting a long time!

Anyway, on to the sit/start for the week:

START: Rod Streater. Terrelle Pryor is going to throw to someone, and it's probably going to be Streater more often than not. I don't trust Denarius Moore to catch a cold and the tight ends are unproven. One of the TEs will step up at some point and be Pryor's security blanket, but which one that is remains to be seen. Streater is the best and safest bet for fantasy play this week.

START: Darren McFadden. It's too early in the season for D-Mac to get hurt, so he's probably a good bet to have a decent game this week as a RB2 or Flex play. He will likely figure heavily in the passing game as usual, and since we hardly saw him in the preseason he should be healthy, fresh, and ready to go.

SIT: Terrelle Pryor. Understand that I believe in Terrelle Pryor and I feel he will have a good game. I don't necessarily believe he is in the same vein as Robert Griffin III, Russell Wilson, or Colin Kaepernick where they are immediate fantasy dynamos. Pryor needs to develop as a passer, which is exactly what he will do facing live competition. Since this is Week 1, you surely must have a better quarterback on your roster. If you don't, may God have mercy on your soul. A caveat here is that in a two-QB league, Pryor is a fine play as your second signal-caller.

SIT: Raider defense. Andrew Luck is a golden god. Allegedly the Raider defense has been intentionally dumbing things down and keeping their more exotic plays under wraps, but personnel is as personnel does. The Raiders do not have the pass-rushers or sheer beef on the defensive line to get in Andrew Luck's grill on a regular basis. He will probably have his way with the Raider defense and it will put considerable pressure on the secondary. Charles Woodson and D.J. Hayden will need to step up big time. While the Raiders may, in the end, not embarrass themselves against what was a playoff team last year and has a good shot to be one again this season, they probably won't be a great fantasy play this week. Keep them around for spot starts, especially if they don't have a poor effort on Sunday.