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Raiders vs Colts second half game thread

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Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

This has been one exciting half of football for the Raiders! They go into halftime down 14 to 7 but they very easily could have had the lead right now had they not had a couple of mistakes. One of those mistakes is a missed field goal right at the end of half by Sebastian Janikowski and one was a terrible decision by Terrelle Pryor that resulted in an endzone interception on an impressive until then opening drive.

Aside from that one big mistake Terrelle Pryor has looked very good. His speed is game changing and he has been dangerous with his arm as well. For his stats at half time he is 11 of 15 for 114 yards and that interception. He also has added 6 rushes for 56 yards as well which has been even more fun to watch. When he gets into the open field he has an extra speed that is incredibly impressive.

The Raiders lone touchdown came from Darren McFadden on a 1 yard TD run which was on an 11 play, 85 yard drive that featured a beautiful 29 yard run by Pryor. Darren has not been seeing much daylight in the running game and only has 21 yards on 9 carries which is less than 3 yards a carry, but he did show a nice burst of power for the his touchdown run.

As for the Raiders defense they have not played great. Andrew Luck was 11 of 12 with 2 TD passes so he has been able to do whatever he wanted. After the 2nd touchdown by Indy though the Raiders defense was able to come up with a couple of stops. One stop came by seeing that number 24 jersey come in and lay a hit on the sidelines that helped cause an incomplete pass on 3rd down. It sure is nice seeing Charles Woodson as a Raider again.

Hopefully the Raiders can continue playing well in the second half. If they can continue driving the ball the way they have then they still have a shot in this one. In order to do that they will need to find a way to stall Andrew Luck some. Go Raiders!