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Rose Bowl, Fiesta Bowl New Year's Day college game day open thread

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Chat with Raiders fans during the two prime time college bowl games on New Year's Day.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

It's New Year's Day which means the meat of the college bowl season really gets going. Most importantly, the Granddaddy of them all, the Rose Bowl. In total there are six bowl games today. The Gator Bowl, Heart of Dallas Bowl, Capital One Bowl, and Outback Bowl have already been played. Now it's prime time with the Rose Bowl and Fiesta Bowl set to kick off.

The Rose Bowl is coming up at 2:00pm PT on ESPN. It usually pits the Pac-12 Champion vs the Big 10 Champion. This year it's Stanford Cardinal vs the Michigan State Spartans. There are a lot of Cardinal fans in the Raider Nation and there are definitely those who among us who will always look for the Pac-12 to win the Rose Bowl match-up as well as have a good Bowl season record.

The Fiesta Bowl immediately follows the Rose Bowl at 5:30pm PT on ESPN. It features the high flying Baylor offense vs Blake Bortles and Central Florida. Todd McShay's first mock draft has the Raiders taking Bortles with the fifth overall pick so this game will be worth watching to see if Bortles raises or lowers his stock.