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London Calling: Raiders vs Dolphins individual game tickets go on sale Tuesday

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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Raiders are playing in London this year, mate. And if you're thinking of making the trip across the pond to see them play, your first chance at purchasing individual game tickets is coming up this Tuesday, January 14 when the Premium Club and Club individual game seats go on sale.

The NFL will stage three games at Wembley later this season - Miami Dolphins at Oakland Raiders on September 28, Detroit Lions at Atlanta Falcons on October 26, and Dallas Cowboys at Jacksonville Jaguars on November 9.

Premium Club and Club seats are priced at £149 ($204) and £110 ($151) with the added bonus of a luxury seat on the Club Wembley tier, VIP entrance to the stadium plus exclusive access to Club Wembley bars and cafés before and after the game.

Tickets packages for all 3 games are on sale right now. If you take advantage of this season ticket package it comes with a 20% discount on individual game ticket prices. The majority of season ticket price categories have sold out. However, there are a limited number on sale now in the following price categories:

  • Children's ticket (16 & under): £17.50 ($24)
  • Upper Sideline (rows 21+): £108 ($148)
  • Lower End Zone: £156 ($214)
  • Club: £264 ($362)

The remaining single game tickets in other price categories will go on sale with the next week or so but an exact date is not yet determined.

Initial ticket sales details have also been confirmed, with season tickets on sale now via

Fans can purchase up to 8 tickets each (so 24 ticket in total).