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A look back: Grading Raiders' 2012 draft

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Having traded five of their draft picks heading into the 2012 season, expectations for the 2012 draft class weren't high in Oakland. That said, finding just one legitimate NFL player in six picks is disappointing no matter the circumstances.

Ezra Shaw

The final installment of our "look back" series, where we evaluate each of the drafts in Oakland beginning in 2008. Unfortunately, as Oakland fans could have expected, the results haven't been pretty. And 2012 didn't get much better.

As fans have become accustomed, the Raiders didn't have a full deck of picks. Their first rounder was sent to Cincinnati for Carson Palmer, their second rounder was sent to New England for two picks in the 2011 draft, their third-round pick was forfeited because of the Terrelle Pryor pick in the 2011 supplemental draft, their fourth-round pick was traded for Jason Campbell and their seventh-round pick was part of the Aaron Curry trade. Five picks that all but disappeared!

To make matters worse, of all the players they acquired, only Palmer and Pryor remained on the team for the 2012 season. And some people wonder how Oakland got into the situation they're in...

Overall Grade: D-

With just one contributor in this class, it's tough to grade this group any higher. With no first or second rounder, expectations weren't sky high, but finding more than one contributor is a reasonable expectation.

And lets not forget, the one contributor (Burris) doesn't seem to have a long-term future in Oakland after a dreadful second season.

Third Round (2011 Supplemental Draft) - Terrelle Pryor (D+)

(Pryor was included in this class due to the fact that it cost Oakland a pick in this class. Pryor was on Oakland's roster for the 2011 season which included a five-game suspension to begin that season).

The last pick Al Davis ever made will go down in history as one of the most fitting ends to a career in charge of a draft room.

High on potential and athleticism, Davis was enamored with the Ohio State quarterback and took him in the supplemental draft, costing Oakland a third-round pick in 2012. Unfortunately, few people beyond Davis have ever expected much from Pryor.

While Pryor's running ability has never been questioned, his ability to pass has been, and in 2013, Pryor failed to complete more than 55-percent of his passes in his final seven games. Over that stretch, he threw for three touchdowns and nine interceptions.

Not what one is looking for from a third-year quarterback.

Third Round, 95th overall - Tony Bergstrom (D-)

Two seasons in Oakland and Bergstrom has played in nine games and started just one. Not exactly what you're aiming for with a third-round pick.

In Bergstrom's defense, he missed all of the 2013 season with an injury, but that doesn't make Oakland fans like the pick any more.

Fourth Round, 129th overall - Miles Burris (B)

As a rookie, Burris was one of the lone bright spots on a dreadful defense, ranking third on the team in tackles with 96. Unfortunately, his sophomore campaign was a bit more disappointing.

Due to injury, Burris played in just six games, starting none. The "starting none" part, however, likely had less to do with injuries and more to do with a lack of confidence from the coaching staff.

Despite Burris' strong rookie campaign, Oakland brought in a slew of linebackers over the off-season - not a good sign for Burris.

Likely what happened is that Burris thrived on a defense that was full of bad players, racking up tackles simply because someone had to make a tackle.

Fifth Round, 158th overall - Jack Crawford (D)

Good news: Crawford is still on the roster!

Bad news: he hasn't started a single game in Oakland.

In two seasons, Crawford has played in 19 games and recorded 18 tackles from the defensive end position. Like Burris, it's tough to imagine he has much of a future with Oakland.

Fifth Round, 168th overall - Juron Criner (D)

Like Tyler Wilson a year later, Criner was the talk of camp without pads on. Criner then proceeded to hold out until he got the bonus he felt he deserved - citing how well he had done in non-football drills.

Unfortunately for Oakland and Criner, that OTA success never translated, recording just 19 catches in two seasons in Oakland. In 2013, he played in just one game due to injuries that cut his season short.

Sixth Round, 189th overall - Christo Bilukidi (D-)

The good news for Oakland: this is the first player on the list who is no longer on the roster. If you take a look at the 2011 draft recap, you'd understand why that's a big deal.

The bad news is that Bilukidi deserved to be cut - after playing in 18 games in 2012 and 2013, he was cut after making just 13 tackles. Bilukidi was then signed by the Cincinnati Bengals for the remainder of the 2013 season, but he played in just two games and didn't record a tackle.

Seventh Round, 230th overall - Nathan Stupar (F)

The Penn State linebacker failed to play in a single game for Oakland, spending the 2012 season on Oakland's practice squad and then Philadelphia's.

Can't expect much in the seventh round, but a guy who at least makes the team would be nice.