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What position the Raiders position is in: Quarterback

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Maddie Meyer

This is the first in a series of articles which will be breaking down each position for the Raiders as it currently stands. As is typical, we start with the quarterback position and work our way through.

No position can make or break a team like the quarterback position, so it is no real surprise the Raiders could muster up just four wins last season with their quarterback situation. Here is how the quarterback position currently stands:

Terrelle Pryor - 9 starts, 57.4%, 1798 passing, 7 TD's, 11 int's

Matt McGloin - 6 starts, 55.9%, 1547 passing, 8 TD's, 8 int's

Two other quarterbacks were on the roster this season who are now gone - Matt Flynn and Tyler Wilson. There was the returning drafted quarterback (Pryor), the quarterback acquired in trade (Flynn), the drafted rookie (Wilson), and undrafted upstart (McGloin). They searched diligently to try and find a quarterback who could show signs of being the future and could not find one.

Flynn lost the starting job to Pryor early on. Then when Pryor had to sit out a game with a concussion, Flynn came in and looked terrible. The team would cut him a week later and re-insert Pryor as the starter.

Wilson didn't make the team out of camp and spent most of the season on the practice squad. When Pryor was injured again, he was called up to the active roster for a few weeks and then cut again and put back on the practice squad. Eventually the Titans signed the fourth round pick off the Raiders practice squad. This left the team officially with just two quarterbacks on the roster.

Both Pryor and McGloin came in and showed signs of potential, but neither could offer any kind of confidence to the coaching staff they could be the guy. Pryor started to show some skills as a passer only to regress to backyard football chaos and turning the ball over. His lack of pocket presence also had him as one of the most sacked quarterbacks in football.

McGloin shot out the gates as the only undrafted rookie to ever throw for at least three touchdowns with no interceptions in a game. He won his first start and the starting quarterback job with that game, but things would get progressively worse. While he continued to show impressive pocket presence, quick decision making, and quick release, he began turning the ball over as well. He definitely showed he is worth a spot in the NFL as at least a backup, he didn't show enough to warrant confidence as a future starter.

Grade: D
Team need: Urgent

The Raiders absolutely must address this position in the off-season, whether it be in free agency or the draft. They aren't in a great position either way as the free agent market has basically zero quality talent and is very thin on even marginal possibilities. There is also a possibility that by the time the Raiders pick at number five, all the first round quarterback talent will be gone already.