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Raiders bring back DC Jason Tarver

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Ed Szczepanski-US PRESSWIRE

The Raiders announced today that they have brought back defensive coordinator Jason Tarver for another season. The deal is expected to be a one-year extension which was the original contract offered to the entire staff following the season.

Tarver's return was very much in question after the performance of the Raiders defense in the latter half of last season. What began as a promising season quickly turned into some of the worst defensive performances in Raiders history. Several team records were broken. Here are some of those records:

Touchdown passes given up in a single game which was set by Eagles quarterback, Nick Foles, in week nine. Foles threw seven TD passes which broke the previous franchise record which was six. It also tied an NFL record for TD passes in a single game.

Touchdown passes given up in a season. The franchise record was broken in week 17 when Peyton Manning threw four touchdown passes in the first half to surpass the mark and add one more. The old record was 31 which was set in 2011. The new record is 33.

Points given up in a game. The Chiefs scored 56 on the Raiders in week 15 to set a new franchise record for points given up. The old record was 55.

Tarver will be given one more season to try and pull the Raiders defense out of its tailspin.

Tarver along with most of the Raiders assistants' contracts expired Today.

Others returning this season are OC Greg Olson, LB coach Bob Sanders (both were under contract already), offensive line coach Tony Sparano who returned on a 2-year deal, and defensive line coach Terrell Williams, quarterbacks coach John DeFilippo, and running backs coach Kelly Skipper on one-year extensions.