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What position the Raiders position is in: Fullback

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Maddie Meyer

The difference between the running back and the fullback is an important one. Many times they can be grouped together but if there is any team that shouldn't happen, it's the Raiders. After all, they have their lone Pro Bowl player at the fullback position. Here is how the position currently stands:

Marcel Reece - 15 starts, 46 carries, 32 catches, 549 yards from scrimmage, 4 TD's

Jamize Olawale - 1 start, 7 catches, 3 carries, 69 yards from scrimmage, 0 TD's

Marcel Reece has been the most dynamic fullback in the league the past few years. Well known as a mismatch at the fullback position, he is very dangerous in any facet of the game. When he's not pass blocking to help make Matt McGloin the least sacked quarterback in the NFL, he's blocking to help Rashad Jennings be the second best running back in the league behind only Adrian Peterson in the month of November. He got one start this season in place of Jennings and had 19 carries for 123 yards including a 63-yard touchdown run. Otherwise, he is lethal as a receiver out of the backfield tallying 331 yards on the season, which is actually a down season for him (he had 496 yards receiving last year).

Olawale holds his own usually as primarily a blocking fullback. They like to throw in a wrinkle and have him catch a pass from time to time just because the defense isn't expecting it. For being a former receiver, he has not shown a lot as a receiver but as a blocking backup, he isn't too shabby.

Grade: A
Team need: Low

Reece was signed to a 3-year extension last off-season to remain with the Raiders. Olawale is an exclusive rights free agent which means he will likely be back as well. They could try and find an upgrade. If they do, so be it. If not, Olawale is serviceable.