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Reggie McKenzie outlines Raiders top three team needs, how he intends to fill them

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Levi Damien

We all have our ideas of what positions are in the most need of an upgrade for this team. Today, McKenzie outlined what he sees as the areas in the most need for the Raiders. But first, he was careful to explain the biggest needs is not limited to one or two positions

"Biggest need? We have biggest needs, with an `s,'' McKenzie replied emphatically. And he said a mouthful. This team definitely has many needs to fill.

So, what needs are the top needs according to McKenzie? Quarterback, pass rusher, and wide receiver.

At the quarterback position, he spoke of Terrelle Pryor's inconsistency and Matt McGloin's decision making down the stretch. He had this to say of Pryor and McGloin as reported by Vic Tafur of the San Francisco Chronicle:

"I thought he started out pretty good. . .  But it was the inconsistency and making the decisions, whether to throw, whether to run, avoid and get rid of the ball, whatever it is, that needs to continue to improve. It didn't... it was too inconsistent there."

"I thought [McGloin] came in and I thought he did a pretty good job for what he was asked to do. He was confident in where he could throw the ball, his timing. His decision making kind of sputtered a little bit, trying to throw the ball when he shouldn't have, but I think the learning process for both of those guys..."

He was asked about potential draftee, Johnny Manziel, and had positive things to say about him although he said he would prefer not to start a rookie at quarterback next season which suggests adding a veteran is in the cards. Though it certainly doesn't rule out drafting a quarterback as well.

Pass rusher has been at or near the top of the list of needs for this team for some time now. McKenzie said the same thing last season, then drafted Sio Moore to rush from the weakside linebacker spot and then didn't address the pass rush again until the final pick. That pick was David Bass, who didn't make the team. He added that re-signing Lamarr Houston is a priority as well which would help in that area.

The final need is also one that has eluded the Raiders for quite some time - Wide receiver. The last 1000-yard receiver for this team was Randy Moss back in 2005. Yes, it has been nearly a decade since the Raiders had a viable number one receiver.

"We don't have that go-to big hitter Calvin Johnson-type guy at receiver," said McKenzie. "Every position we're going to try to upgrade. We're fully aware of some of the places we're lacking offensively and defensively."

So, how does he plan to get these pieces?

"We're going to attack it," said McKenzie. "I don't care if it's the waiver wire, an unrestricted guy, the trade, the draft, we're going to upgrade this team in any way.''

Last year the Raiders traded for a quarterback, didn't do anything to upgrade the pass rush in free agency, and brought in wide receivers Andre Holmes as a free agent and Brice Butler in the seventh round of the draft. Not exactly "attacking" it but what can he really do with so little money to spend?

Now he has plenty to spend and a near full slate of draft picks to work with as well. It should be much easier to upgrade the need positions this year.