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Terrelle Pryor re-hires agent Rosenhaus

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Jared Wickerham

Last week, Terrelle Pryor decided to part ways with outspoken agent, Jerome Stanley. This week, he has re-hired his former agent, Drew and Jason Rosenhaus.

Pryor has signed with Rosenhaus when he left Ohio State and opted to enter the 2011 Supplemental draft. At the time, Rosenhaus said he expected Pryor to be a first round pick and compared him to number one overall pick, Cam Newton.

The NFL teams saw things a bit differently and all 32 of them passed on Pryor in the first and second round until the Raiders chose him in the third round.

Pryor eventually parted ways with Rosenhaus and signed with Stanley. That relationship ended when Stanley went on record saying Dennis Allen was setting up Pryor to fail by giving him the start in the Raiders season finale. With Allen returning as head coach, it wasn't wise for Pryor to retain Stanley as his agent.

Pryor has one more year left on his contract with the Raiders before he becomes a free agent in 2015.