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Charles Woodson is RoboCop

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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

He has to be. There is simply no other way to explain it. And in this article, I will go about showing you the proof of this discovery.

Four seasons ago, Charles Woodson stood atop the mountain with his Green Bay Packers teammates as Super Bowl Champions. Just three seasons ago he was named Defensive Player of the Year. That was his last season as a cornerback in the NFL. The following season he was switched to safety and after seven games, broke his collarbone and was lost for the season.

The Packers gave up on him after that. They released their All Pro corner. Left him for dead. Much of the rest of the NFL didn't see any life left in him either. But the Raiders had other plans. They could still hear a heartbeat in this former lockdown patrolman. So, they gave him a Silver helmet and a new suit of armor and sent him out to oversee the defense at the free safety position. And oversee it he did.

Now at 37 years of age, Woodson has new life in Oakland. While most in his field would have been long since retired, he's still going strong. He didn't miss a single start last season. He barely missed a snap. To be exact, he missed a grand total of 7 snaps all season including just one snap over the final six games.

People like to call a player who doesn't get injured an "iron man". But iron man is merely a man protected by a suit. RoboCop is more than that. He is part man, part machine. Therefore he is ageless.

Woodson's performance was not far off what we have come to expect from this professional. He finished third on the team in solo tackles (75) and combined tackles (97). He was also known for disarming his assailant with great force as he was part of more takeaways than anyone else on the team (6). He intercepted one target, made opponents "drop it!" three times, and had two recoveries including one he punched in for the score. That score tied him for the most career defensive scores in NFL history (13).

This RoboCop isn't ready to turn in his shield just yet, either. Woodson has said he would like to return for another season for the squad. The team said they would welcome him back. It would mean the people of Oakland can rest easy for at least one more season as Charles Woodson will once again don the Silver and Black to protect and defend.