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Potential candidates for Raiders vacant defensive backs coach position

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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Two weeks ago, the Raiders announced the coaches returning to the team. Among those who will not return are defensive backs coaches Clayton Lopez and Johnnie Lynn. They have yet to fill that position on the staff. Here are a few of the most likely replacements for the job.

Tim Walton - It was announced this week that the Rams would be hiring Greg Williams as defensive coordinator. This means Tim Walton is out. Walton's resume is pretty solid. He had been the Rams defensive coordinator since 2009. He was hired to the position after just one season as defensive backs coach in Detroit. Prior to that, he was a longtime defensive backs coach at the college level culminating in holding the position of defensive coordinator for the Miami Hurricane for three seasons from 2004-06 - a position to which he was hired after just one season as defensive backs coach at LSU.

Tony Oden - This hire makes a great deal of sense. Oden was the assistant secondary coach the entire time Dennis Allen coached there (2006-10) including under Allen for his final three seasons in New Orleans when they won a Super Bowl. Oden then replaced Allen at position in 2011 when he left to become the defensive coordinator for the Broncos. Oden had spent the past two seasons as defensive backs coach in Tampa and was ousted with Greg Schiano's entire staff. Previous to his seasons in New Orleans, Oden was defensive backs coach with the Texans from 2004-05.

Sam Garnes - Currently the assistant secondary coach for the Denver Broncos. He was hired to the position in 2011 under Dennis Allen during his one season as defensive coordinator in Denver. It's possible the Raiders are waiting for the Broncos' season to finish so they can interview Garnes for the position.

Joe Woods - Was recently part of Leslie Frazier's staff in Minnesota before they cleaned house. Woods had been the Vikings' defensive backs coach the past eight seasons and last through two head coaches. In total, he has coached at the NFL level for ten seasons after having been an assistant at the college level for 12 seasons.