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Poll: What position should be Raiders top priority?

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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Things haven't been great in Raiderland for an awfully long while, and that all starts with how the Raiders handle their off-seasons. The previous two off-seasons have been full of purging which handicaps the team all year and the team records over that span prove it.

Now the time has come again, that wonderfully optimistic time of believing that things are about to get much better for Raider Nation. Though all too often it turns out to be for naught, we get another chance to see if this team can finally grow to being worthy again of the Silver and Black colors.

With optimism in mind I ask you readers, what do you want to see happen this off-season? There are so many needs on this team that it will be hard to fill them all, so what is the most important one this year to make sure to fix?

The trendy answer is always at quarterback and who could blame you if that is the position that you most want answered. The QB is the most important position on the field because he runs the offense and without a capable one the rest of your skill positions go to waste.

Maybe you don't think QB is the most pressing need though, maybe you think that fixing the rest of the team first makes the most sense. What good is a quarterback that doesn't have time to throw or players worth their salt around them to make plays? It could be an offensive lineman that you find the most pressing need, or a top wide receiver.

Then again it could be running back, after all Darren McFadden and Rashad Jennings are both set to be free agency. A solid running game can do wonders for a team in transition and making sure that position is set is very important as well.

It might not be the offense at all though, considering the state of the defense at times last year concentrating on that side would make a ton of sense. The defense last year did give up the most points in a single game in franchise history so obviously some playmakers there are needed. In fact a pass rusher was considered the top need last year and it was not even addressed at the time.

Besides pass rusher which is the dark horse candidate to overtake all the other offensive candidates there is also needs at Defensive Tackle, Cornerback, and Safety besides Linebacker always being a good position to add depth too. So there you have it folks! Vote in the poll for the number one priority and let the chips fall where they may.