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Tim Brown, Ray Guy to find out 2014 Hall of Fame class Saturday

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The day is finally here. Well, for Tim Brown and Ray Guy, this day has come and gone several times. Seven times for Guy, five times for Brown. So, really, the day is finally here... again. The day they wait by the phone to find out if they will be donning the yellow jacket as an inductee to the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Ray Guy's chance are much better this time around. He has been eligible for 23 years and has now been nominated by the Senior Committee. It is still a nervous time for him but not quite as much as it had been in years past.

Tim Brown has been a finalist each of the past five years. His numbers are comparable with many current Hall of Fame wide receivers, though he accomplished those numbers with far inferior quarterbacks than most.

The Hall of Fame committee will meet at 11am Eastern time (8am Pacific) and will have much to deliberate. There are 15 modern era finalists along with two Senior Committee finalists. See the entire list of finalists here.

The selection process happening Saturday is conducted as follows, per the Pro Football Hall of Fame:

At the annual meeting, each of the nominees is thoroughly discussed by the committee before a series of reduction votes are taken. First, the two senior candidates are discussed and voted on for election. They must receive the same 80 percent affirmative vote as the modern-era candidates. Next, the there is a vote that reduces the modern-era finalists list from 15 to 10. Following that, a vote is taken to reduce the list from 10 to 5 names. The five remaining candidates for Hall of Fame election are then voted on individually (yes or no) for membership. In order to be elected a finalist must receive a minimum of 80% of the vote.

The results of the vote are not immediately announced and are to be revealed at 4pm Pacific tim (7pm ET).