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2014 Super Bowl commercial: Audi "Doberhuahua"

Audi puts out their Super Bowl commercial featuring a couple who both love their dogs so much, they cross-breed them. It is, of course, and unlikely mixture of a Chihuahua and a Doberman Pincer which breeds a tiny dog with a large head called a "Doberhuahua".

The strange dog takes part in a dog show and the phenomenon catches on and everyone is making their own "Doberhuahuas" and hilarious chaos ensues. Even Sarah McGlockton -- of the tear jerking, heart breaking SPCA commercials in which her songs "In the Arms of the Angels" plays over a series of shots of sad, lonely dogs -- makes an appearance. If you feel like crying right now, you can watch the original commercial with McGlockton. Here it is:

(And yes, I had to post it quickly before I risked dehydration from out my tear ducts.)

Animals are always a popular go-to in Super Bowl ads. One of the first ads released was a more somber/heartwarming ad from Budweiser about a puppy who develops a bond with a horse. See that here.