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2013 Silver & Black Pride Community (that's you) Awards

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Welcome to the 2013 Silver & Black Pride Community Awards where we recognize those readers and contributors who are the most active among us, making for a thriving Raiders community.

The first award is for Most FanPosts.

The award goes to (struggles with envelope)... NinjaGoro

NinjaGoro posted a site best 38 FanPosts this year. Most of those FanPosts were front page worthy with considerable amounts of content presented in a unique and well-researched fashion. I think I can speak for all of us in saying we look forward to more of your contributions in 2014.

Other nominees include:

Jack'sAxe                                    30

Assassin32                                   25

nflfan123                                      22

BLAZERINMEXICO                                    20

LORDDARTHRAIDER                                 20

The next award is for the Most FanShots.

Some of you may be wondering what a FanShot is. A FanShot is a where you toss a link to an interesting article, video, photo, etc. Just toss in a title and short description and voila! FanShot.

This year the award goes to... well, it goes to me because my 28 FanShots were the most.

Other nominees included:

Asher Mathews                           15

clifton.pugh.7                        11

Mr.dMcnasty                                7

greg atkins                                5

Our final award is for Most Comments

And the award goes to... Ozraider

Oz had an astounding 8460 comments in 2013. That's an average of over 23 comments per day. Impressive to say the least. He's been a member of S&BP since April of 2009 and has always been an avid reader and active commenter, often engaging in many spirited debates.

Other nominees include:

RaiderKilluminati                      7733

Jack'sAxe                               7664

PantyRaider                               5368

njccc                                  5350

RaiderPride20                              4699

rightnasty                                   4010

Thanks to all of you for your contributions this year. I look forward to more in the coming year.