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Meeting with Mark Davis today to decide fate of Raiders coaching staff

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Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

Today's the day. The day Dennis Allen and Reggie McKenzie meet with Raiders owner, Mark Davis, to decide the fate of the coaching staff. All indications are the Dennis Allen will return next season. If that is indeed the case, the questions really surround which of his assistants will be staying and which will be going.

Here are the current Raiders coaches:

Dennis Allen- Head Coach


Offensive Coordinator - Greg Olson

Assistant Head Coach/Offensive Line - Tony Sparano

Senior Offensive Assistant - Al Saunders

Quarterbacks coach - John DeFilippo

Running Backs coach - Kelly Skipper

Wide Receivers coach - Ted Gilmore

Tight Ends coach - Mark Hutson

Offensive Quality Control - Justin Griffith

Offensive assistant - Nick Holz


Defensvie Coordinator - Jason Tarver

Defensive Line coach - Terrell Williams

Defensive Backs coach - Johnnie Lynn

Defensive Backs coach - Clayton Lopez

Linebackers coach - Bob Sanders

Defensive Quality Control - Eric Sanders

Defensive Assistant - Travis Smith


Special Teams Coordinator - Bobby April

Assistant Special Teams - Keith Burns

Strength and Conditioning - Al Miller

Assistant Strength and Conditioning - John Grieco

There are two reports of late with regard to these meetings with Davis. One is that he is attempting to offer only 1-year extensions to the assistants. The other is that he is making his decisions without the advice/suggestions/requests of General Manager Reggie McKenzie considered. If both are true, that's bad news.

A hard line stance on one-year contracts is just not practical. Good assistants either get job security or they walk. I would think that is part of the plea being given to him by McKenzie and/or Dennis Allen.

The rest of the discussion will surround those assistants who should be let go. The area which seems most likely to see turnover is the defensive side of the ball due to the play of the defense late in the season.

Either way, the word should come down soon and we should get a good idea of who will be staying and who will not. And by soon, I don't necessarily mean hours. After all, teams don't exactly send out press releases when they don't renew the contracts of assistants.

Update from Raiders headquarters where some members of the media awaited word but Allen left the complex at 5:30pm with no meeting having taken place. He returned shortly thereafter and the meeting was conducted around 7:30pm.