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NFL Free Agency 2014: Raiders re-sign priorities on offense

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Reggie McKenzie has been preparing for this off-season for two years. We know about the 60+ million the Raiders will have to spend in free agency, but not all of that money should go to an outside free agent. Some of that money should be spent keeping their own players set to become free agents.

On the other hand, that surplus they have coming also has much to do with the players whose big contracts are up and should not be offered a new one.

The list of Raiders free agents is a long one. We'll start with the offense and work through them all, deciding along the way which players are priorities, which are not, and which ones should watch out for that door as it swings back at them from behind.

RB Darren McFadden UFA

McFadden's pricy six-year rookie contract is finally up. In those six years, he had just one season over 1000 yards. The Raiders played 96 games during that time and he had just 46 uninjured starts - less than half. He never finished a season and even his best season, he finished just 12 games. He cost nearly $10 million against the cap in 2013 and had just six healthy starts.

Verdict: Gone

LT Jared Veldheer UFA

He has been the Raiders' left tackle since halfway through his rookie season. Up until he tore his left triceps in camp, he hadn't missed a game with 42-straight starts. He is widely considered one of the best left tackles in the league and would likely be the top free agent at the position in free agency.

Verdict: Top priority

WR Jacoby Ford UFA

There seems to be nothing left of the player who wowed us all with his return abilities and receiving prowess as a rookie a few years ago. Now he is just an injury prone, shell of the potential he once showed.

Verdict: Gone

OT Khalif Barnes UFA

Was the Raiders savior on the offensive line, switching from right to left tackle and then moving to guard when Jared Veldheer returned. He just completed his fifth consecutive one-year deal with the Raiders. He catches a lot of criticism from the fans but if he were so bad, how is it he is always the one winning the starting job? Every year we think is his last with Raiders and yet he keeps coming back. He is at very least a great insurance plan.

Verdict: Moderate priority

TE Jeron Mastrud UFA

A product of just how desperate the Raiders were and how poorly they planned things at the tight end position. Mastrud blocks some and catches some but does neither very well. If he comes back, it should be as a camp body.

Verdict: Low priority

Andre Gurode UFA

Had some moments here and there but the 36 year old center should probably hang ‘em up.

Verdict: Gone

RB Rashad Jennings UFA

He took his one-year minimum deal and earned a contract. He stepped in for the ineffective Darren McFadden and gave the Raiders a running game. You also won't find a more hard-working, devoted-to-his-craft, strong character player than Jennings.

Verdict: High priority

RT Tony Pashos UFA

Pashos was rated the top tackle in the league this preseason. Then he was cut by the Redskins in the final roster cutdowns. The Raiders swooped in and grabbed him as they were in much need of a starter at right tackle. He was as advertised and the Raiders would be wise to keep him around.

Verdict: Moderate priority

RB Jeremy Stewart RFA

Stewart has surprisingly made the Raiders roster the past two seasons. He is a Restricted Free Agent so there is no reason he shouldn't be brought back to camp to try to make the team once again regardless of the inevitable bulking up the Raiders must do at the position.

Verdict: Low priority

The Raiders also have a few Exclusive Rights Free Agents on offense in FB Jamize Olawale, OG Lamar Mady, and OT Matt McCants. All three are expected to be back to compete for a roster spot.

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