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Raiders assistants told take one-year deal or nothing, few take deal

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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The first reports are coming in on the details of the meeting today to decide which of the current coaching staff will be re-signed. Here is the latest from Steve Corkran of the Bay Area News Group:

Making matters even more confusing/interesting is Corkran reporting the meeting didn't happen earlier today. Dennis Allen left headquarter around 5:30pm and is reported as heading to the meeting which is being held off-site. Either way, with members of the coaching staff getting any offers, whether accepting or not, suggests Allen will be back as expected.

Then this:

Whether it's 6-7 or 3 is not incredibly important at this time. What's not surprising is that April and Sparano are two of those who have not signed considering they are probably the two best and most highly regarded coaches on the staff and will likely find work quickly should they opt to leave.

This is officially a clusterf... Old habits die hard, I guess.

The one-year extension offers is in line with the reports which came out previous to the meeting about Mark Davis taking a hard line stance with one-year extensions. This stance will likely cost the Raiders several assistants. Certainly all the good assistants will leave because they will be in demand by other clubs where they will be offered multi-year deals.

Tony Sparano is as yet the only coach who is reported as being asked to join another staff. He will very likely leave to join Lovie Smith's staff in Tampa.

So far, there are two coaches reported as signing. Those two coaches are running backs coach Kelly Skipper and defensive line coach, Terrelle Williams. But this could get messy and whoever leaves, it could be quite difficult to replace them should the Raiders only be offering one-year deals.