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Raiders former head coach Hue Jackson given keys to offense in Cincinnati

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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

For the third consecutive season, Raiders former head coach Hue Jackson is getting a promotion. This time, he takes over as offensive coordinator for the Bengals with Jay Gruden leaving to take the head coaching job for the Redskins. Talk about a guy who moves quickly up the ranks wherever he goes.

"I would hope more than anything it says a lot about this organization," Jackson told ESPN's Josina Anderson. "When I left the Raiders nobody really gave me an opportunity to coach. Between Marvin Lewis and the Brown family they were the ones to give me an opportunity. I have to respect how they brought me in. Now that Jay (Gruden) has done a great job and is moving on to Washington they asked me to run the offense and to do what I do. I'm pretty excited about it."

Jackson has always moved quickly from one job to the next. In fact, he hasn't held the same position with a team since 2009 and only once since 2006 has he had a job more than one season.

The Raiders brought him in to be their offensive coordinator after two seasons as Ravens' quarterback coach. He spent one season in that position before being promoted to head coach. With the new regime in Oakland, and missing the playoffs, he was fired as head coach.

He then went back to Cincinnati where he had spent his longest stint as wide receivers coach from 2004 to 2006. This time they fit him into the fold in a completely unfamiliar place - he was secondary coach and assistant special teams coach.

Last season he was promoted to a position more suiting his offensive talents when he became the team's running backs coach. He then coached Giovani Bernard who was the player the Bengals chose with the second round draft pick they received when Jackson traded for Carson Palmer while with the Raiders. So, it worked out pretty well for him.

Now he has moved back up to offensive coordinator - a position he has held for three previous teams in Washington, Atlanta, and Oakland.

Jackson is a proven offensive guru so it is rather odd that he has never held the job as offensive coordinator for more than one season. The only one of those times he left the position for a better one was when the Raiders made him head coach in 2011.

He unlocked the potential of Joe Flacco in Baltimore and Darren McFadden in Oakland. We'll see if he can figure out how to get Andy Dalton not to tank in the games that matter.