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Early NFL Week 6 games open thread

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Jared Wickerham

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday! It is Week 6 in the NFL already and the Chargers are going to be playing in Oakland for their first match-up of the season against the Raiders. They don't play until the afternoon games though, so in the mean time we have the early games to watch.

Here is the list of all the 10am PT/1pm ET games:

New England at Buffalo

Carolina at Cincinnati

Pittsburgh at Cleveland

Green Bay at Miami

Detroit at Miami

Denver at New York Jets

Baltimore at Tampa Bay

Jacksonville at Tennessee

Man, that is a lot of action! The best game of the bunch is likely the Carolina Panthers against the Cincinnati Bengals, these are two high powered offenses ready to take on each other. The Bengals were undefeated before last week's beating from the Patriots so they will be looking to have a statement game this week at home against a tough Panthers team.

Next best is more up to debate but I would have to go with the Pittsburgh Steelers at the Cleveland Browns, but New England Patriots at Buffalo Bills is close on that. Both are division games which always make things interesting. Chat here while all the action goes down!

Most of California will be watching the Green Bay Packers take on the Miami Dolphins for the early game, although a very small section down south will get the Patriots against the Bills. In fact, that applies to most of the country as those are far and away the two most popular games selected to air for the early match-ups. Oh, and of course the Broncos against the Jets will be getting plenty of air time too!