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Jets vs Patriots Thursday Night Football game time

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Chat with Raiders fans during the Thursday Night Football match-up between the New York Jets and the New England Patriots.

Ron Antonelli

The Jets are in New England to face the Patriots on Thursday Night Football. Game time is 5:25pm Pacific (8:25pm Eastern). As always, TNF is shown on NFL Network and CBS.

Thursday Night Football has featured several blowouts this season and this has the makings of another one. The Jets are terrible, even though they played a better game against the Raiders than the Patriots did (go figure).

The Jets have gotten worse and worse each week since they got their only win of the season in the opener against the Raiders. The Patriots were struggling heading into the game against the Raiders and barely pulled out a win in Foxboro. Then they got their butts handed to them in Kansas City 41-14. In the two games since then, they seem to have experienced an awakening and look like their usual dominant selves.

Here's what the two SB Nation blogs have to say about tonight's match-up:

From Patriots blog, Pats Pulpit

Patriots will be trying to move past the loss of Stevan Ridley and Jerod Mayo and they'll have another divisional dogfight on their hands before getting some extra time to recover. Rex Ryan and the Jets will throw everything they have at the Patriots and, if history is any guide, their current 1-5 record means nothing for how well they'll play New England.

The Jets will likely try and mimic the Chiefs defensive game plan from Monday Night Football as the Chiefs current defensive coordinator is a branch off of the Rex Ryan coaching tree. The question is if the Jets have enough personnel to slow down the Patriots.

From Jets blog, Gang Green Nation

Believe it or not, I'm pretty excited for this game. I haven't felt this way for the past few weeks, but I feel good about the New York Jets chances tonight against the New England Patriots. My official prediction is 20-17, Jets.

I choose not. But the homerism is strong in this one.