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Raiders now NFL's only winless team

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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

As of last week, there were two teams in the NFL without a win -- the Raiders and the Jaguars. Each week that passed was like playing a game of musical chairs with each team passing that empty chair. Well, the music has stopped, and the Jaguars got that chair, leaving the Raiders as the last team standing without a victory.

The Jaguars put away the Browns 24-6 today to give them their first win of the season. The Raiders played the afternoon game and had a chance to remove the goose egg from their win column. But they fell 24-13 to the Cardinals and now sit alone at the bottom of the NFL landscape.

That winless streak was extended to 12 games overall dating back to last season. The only good news in this is the Raiders face those very same Browns next week and the Raiders' next opponent (Seahawks) has lost two in a row, including falling to the Rams today.

Tony Sparano sees the Jaguars win over the Brown today as reason for some optimism.

"I'm gonna work as long as I have to work to get this thing done," said Sparano. "The team we play next week got beat by a team today to the best of my knowledge is in a similar situation. We just gotta work our tails off right now. Our kids have to understand that there's periods where we play really good in the last two weeks. Really good. Climbing back into this football game and giving ourselves a chance to win when it could have gone the other way, we've been in that situation where it's gone the other way. And they put themselves back in a situation to win the football game. I think that our kids are starting to believe that they're close but that's not a consolation right now."

Sparano went on to say the Raiders "expect to beat the good teams". Even with the Seahawks faltering lately, they're still a great team, especially at home. And the Browns, despite their loss today, had won two in a row, including an historic comeback win over the Titans two weeks ago. It could take that kind of game for the Raiders to pull out of this funk and put a W on the board. Or just close out a game. Until then, it's 0-6 and counting.