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Know the Enemy Daily Links 10/20: Passing TD's record all Peyton Manning's

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AFC West


Broncos 49ers final score: Peyton Manning breaks touchdown record in 42-17 rout - Mile High Report

It was a historic Week 7 win for Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos, with Manning breaking the NFL touchdown record with his 509th career touchdown.

Manning stands alone. In a sport where the team is bigger than the individual, the Broncos' ultimate team player once again came through for the team.

The San Diego Chargers were thoroughly outplayed for the second consecutive week, but this time it ended in a win for the 3-3 Kansas City Chiefs.

The San Diego Chargers are 5-2 and would be in the NFL playoffs if it started today, but will they make it there?


The Chiefs finally stepped up in a tight game and made the plays necessary for a massive road win.

The Chiefs move to 3-3 on the season while the Chargers fall to 5-2 as Kansas City beats San Diego, 23-20.


You knew Peyton Manning would make list. But why did another quarterback rate two mentions?

Doug Baldwin turned in a stellar performance Sunday, but the Seattle Seahawks did not in a loss to the Rams. Did losing Percy Harvin cause Seattle to play that poorly against one of the NFL's worst teams?