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Know the Enemy Daily Links 10/22: NFL trade deadline speculation

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Jason Miller

AFC West


Broncos vs. Chargers: Why this Thursday night game will be different - Mile High Report

The last time the Denver Broncos played the San Diego Chargers on Thursday night it ended in a Broncos loss. Here's why this Thursday night matchup with the Chargers will be much, much different.

The Denver Broncos not only maintained their top spot in Football Outsiders' DVOA for the third straight week, they widened the gap between them and the rest of the NFL. Meanwhile, a new threat in the AFC has emerged.


The San Diego Chargers are scuffling a bit after barely beating the Raiders and then losing to the Chiefs. Here's how they can get back to being one of the league's best teams.

The Chargers lose a sloppy divisional home game to their rivals from the Midwest, as the Chiefs finish with a two to one time of possession advantage and a stronger defensive performance.


I don't see any receiver trades happening for the Chiefs year. Here's why.

CBS analyst Solomon Wilcots called Sunday's game with Spero Dedes, and was nice enough to take time and talk about the Chiefs' big win over the Chargers.


Tuesday marks the league's annual trade deadline. With that in mind, the Around The NFL guys give you six trades they'd love to see go down. Anyone want to see Johnny Manziel head to New York?

To trade a first-round draft pick for a player, an NFL general manager needs absolute conviction that player is a fit on every level and can impact the franchise in a significant way.