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Browns favored by a touchdown over Raiders

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There aren't a lot of 'winnable' games for the Raiders from here on out. But this week seems like it would be one of those games. Not according to the odds makers in Vegas. They have the Browns as 7-point favorites over the Raiders in Cleveland.

One of the reasons this game seems winnable is because the Browns just handed the Jaguars their first win of the season last week. Now the Raiders hope to do the same.

It wasn't even a closely fought battle between the winless Jags and the upstart Browns. It was a one-sided affair with the Jaguars scoring 24 points and the Browns not even scoring a touchdown.

The Raiders gave up 24 points last week as well. But they added a touchdown along with two field goals to lose 24-13. The difference being they were facing a tough 4-1 Cardinals team. Oddly enough the Cardinals were only favored by 3.5 points.

Even still, the Raiders are winless and the Browns are 3-3 playing on their home turf. That makes them a favorite to win by a touchdown.

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