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Raiders vs Browns fantasy start, sit, sleepers

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Ezra Shaw


Ben Tate

With exception to Khalil Mack and Sio Moore, the Raiders run defense has been atrocious. They have given up the third most points to opposing runningbacks. Tate has played well since returning from an injury that kept him on the sideline multiple weeks. He has scored 13, 19, and 4 points since returning. Even with Alex Mack out for the season, the Browns still have one of the best offensive lines in the NFL so expect Tate to have a big game.

Andrew Hawkins

The Raiders secondary was already bad to start the season. Now they are in big trouble with Tyvon Branch and Usama Young out. While T.J. Carrie has been a bright spot, Tarell Brown has played poorly this season. Hawkins scored 17 points last week against the Jaguars, I think he will be in the 13-15 range this week against a beat up Raiders secondary.

Jordan Cameron

While Cameron only had 1.5 points last week, he should have had a touchdown but Brian Hoyer delivered a terrible throw. while Cameron hasn't been featured in the Browns offense as often as many thought, I think that will change this week after the Browns only scored 6 points against the Jaguars. And with Miles Burris struggling at middle linebacker, Cameron could see some open chances over the middle. I would take a chance on the talented tight end.

Darren McFadden

Get used to starting DMAC because he has been on a roll. The past five weeks, McFadden has totaled 15, 11, 11, 11, and 16 points. He had 17 touches last week and is seeing more under Sparano than he was with Dennis Allen. And like last week against the Cardinals, the Browns star secondary may force the Raiders to give McFadden a few extra carries.

Cleveland Browns defense

The Browns have one of the best defensive secondaries in the NFL. They have recorded an interception every week, and had three last Sunday against the Jaguars. Yes, Derek Carr has looked great this season. But he is still a rookie and even the Browns can turn even the slightest rookie mistake into an interception.


James Jones

Yes he is Derek Carr's favorite target. Yes he leads the team in receiving yards and receptions. Yes, he will likely be covered by one of the NFL's best cornerbacks, Joe Haden. Jones has great hands and run crisp routes, but he does not have the explosiveness or size to beat Haden often. There is always a chance Jones plays great against Haden, but it's more likely that Haden shuts the veteran receiver down.

Oakland Raiders defense

Every week it's the same story with this bunch. They don't make enough sacks and turnovers to generate fantasy points. They also give up a ton of points and are plagued all around with injuries. On top of that, Jason Tarver is a complete moron. Generally when the Cardinals check down to Andre Ellington a ton, you would think he would adjust the defense to cover it.


Derek Carr

After a phenomenal game against the San Diego Chargers in which he scored 28 points, Carr took a step back last week only scoring 6. I like the matchup because Carr has improved and so have the Raiders weapons, but I hate the matchup because the Browns have a great secondary led by Pro Bowl cornerback Joe Haden. You may be better off rolling the dice if Carr is on your roster.

Brian Hoyer

Like Carr, Hoyer has been inconsistent in racking up fantasy points. He has scored 21, 12, and 1.5 the past three weeks. The bad news is that he has been declining. The good news is he is playing against a struggling and injured secondary. This is a toss-up because both factors negate each other. He could have a great game, but he could also struggle mightily like last week.

Isaiah Crowell

The only reason Crowell is a sleeper instead of a starter is because he is the Browns second string runningback behind Ben Tate. But he has been seeing more carries, and he wil have a chance for some big plays as the Raiders defense has given up the third most points to opposing runningbacks.