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Raiders vs Browns game time

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It's on in Cleveland between the Raiders and Browns.

What a bonehead
What a bonehead
Matt Sullivan

Week 8 is here. The Raiders have taken the field in Cleveland to face the Browns coming up at 1:25pm Pacific (4:25pm Eastern).

The Raiders are hoping to get their first win of the season while the Browns are hoping to keep from losing two-straight against winless teams. Also, at 3-3, they are hoping to stay above .500 and keep pace with the Pittsburgh Steelers of whom they pwned two weeks ago.

The inactives for both teams are up. See those here.

The Browns are 7-point favorites at home in this one. They've been much better at home than on the road. They are 2-1 at home with wins over the Saints and Steelers. They are 1-2 away from home, with the lone victory being a one-point win over a terrible Titans team.