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Richard Sherman: Derek Carr not afraid to throw my way because "he doesn't know any better"

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Video taken by the Tacoma News Tribune of Richard Sherman press conference.

It's pretty much a weekly occurrence that Richard Sherman talks a little trash about his last match-up or his next. This week the subject was the Raiders and rookie Derek Carr.

For a little background, Carr started the fourth preseason game against the Seahawks and had a big game. It could be said his game against the Seahawks is what clinched his starting job for the season.

Some of those big plays Carr had came against the Seahawks vaunted first string secondary, and he even completed a couple passes againt Sherman himself.

Since then Carr has gone on to face several Pro Bowl cornerbacks including Darrelle Revis, Brandon Flowers, Patrick Peterson, and Joe Haden. Now he will face the self proclaimed best in the game in Sherman.

The All Pro and reigning Super Bowl champion was asked about Carr's penchant for not shying away from these big time cornerbacks and in particular his big game against them in the preseason.

"I'm not really surprised at all, I mean, he doesn't know any better. If you don't know any better, you don't know better." Sherman said with a smile and a shrug.

Now two months later, Sherman sees Carr just as fearless in taking shots downfield.

"He's got a lot more experience under his belt. He's not afraid to take shots. He's a gunslinger."

"He's gonna be slinging the ball around. I don't think he thinks about who's guarding anybody or anything like that, he just slings it. He's got nothing to lose, obviously."

Maybe in time Carr will learn a healthy fear of top corners. Maybe not. But as Sherman pointed out, at this juncture, he's got nothing to lose. Air it out. Take your shots and look to the future.