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Who is to blame for winless Raiders?

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Justin Sullivan

How did the Raiders get here? How did they end up winless after four games this season and on a 10-game losing streak? How is it they've won just eight games over the past three seasons? The answers to those questions has been debated, so it seemed worthy of a poll.

As a refresher, here is a summarized rundown of what has happened with the Raiders over the past few years.

In the final years of Al Davis' life, he went for broke every season ‘swinging for the fences' with free agent signings and backloading contracts of current players to accommodate those signings. Al Davis died early in the 2011 season, leaving the team to his son Mark while head coach Hue Jackson was somewhat of an unofficial acting GM the remainder of the season. With those powers, he traded a first and second round pick to acquire Carson Palmer. Still the Raiders lost four of their final five games that season, missing the playoffs with another 8-8 record.

Mark Davis sought the advice of John Madden and Ron Wolf in finding an actual GM, and they recommended Reggie McKenzie. Davis hired McKenzie without interviewing anyone else. McKenzie then fired Hue Jackson with the blessing of Davis and brought in Dennis Allen who in turn hired Greg Knapp and Jason Tarver as his coordinators.

McKenzie spent the next couple off-seasons stripping the team of all the big money contracts and replacing them with bargain basement players due to severe salary cap restraints and an unwillingness to add future dead money. He also executed trades that sent Carson Palmer to Arizona and brought Matt Flynn and Matt Schaub to Oakland.

After two-straight 4-12 seasons, Mark Davis and Reggie McKenzie agreed to bring Dennis Allen back for a third season. They used $61 million in salary cap spending to sign many veteran players who had been given up on by other teams, most of whom are on the wrong side of 30.

One such over 30 player was Matt Schaub, who suffered from elbow soreness in preseason - just as Matt Flynn had the year prior - and was benched in favor of rookie quarterback, Derek Carr. The defense has been lost and the offense is dead last in points and yards. Dennis Allen was fired and Tony Sparano promoted to interim head coach.

So, I ask again...