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NFL week 11 early games open thread

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Chat with Raiders fans during the early slate of week 11 NFL games.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL features some of its best match-ups of the season this week. There are four games being played that pit two winning teams against each other. This late in the season, that's often hard to come by.

One of those games happens in the early going and it's the one most of you will be watching closely -- Seattle at Kansas City. Both teams boast a 6-3 record. They also last season had a battle for the loudest stadium. First it was the Seahawks who set the record, then the Chiefs pumped in crowd noise and put the decibel gauge by the speaker to 'beat' the record. Then Seattle took the record back.

Unfortunately, despite that game being shown throughout most the country, it will not be shown in California. The game that will be shown in the early going is the 49ers vs Giants.

The other AFC West team playing early on is the Broncos who are in St Louis to face the Rams.

To see the coverage map, click here.

Here is the entire lineup of early games:

Minnesota at Chicago
Houston at Cleveland
Seattle at Kansas City
Atlanta at Carolina
Cincinnati at New Orleans
Tampa Bay at Washington
Denver at St. Louis
San Francisco at NY Giants