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Raiders vs Chargers game time

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It's a beautiful day in San Diego. So, what else is new, right? The Raiders are wearing their whites even though it's after Labor Day. The Chargers are in their midnight blues, or what they are calling their "navy blues" as it is Salute to Service day here in this Navy town.

The Navy band is playing in their dress blues. Just as the Raiders did in Oakland last week, the frogs went airborne and landed on parachuted to the field. They also unfurled a field-size flag and have a fly-by from the Navy Blue Angels. Pretty standard military honoring pregame.

No word on any playing of "Highway to the Danger Zone", though I can confirm there will be no Navy bros playing beach volleyball. That's a negative, Ghostrider, the pattern is full.

The introductions are done. The players are on the field. Game on.

The inactives are out. To see those,click here.