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Oakland Raiders vs San Diego Chargers 2nd half open thread

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Harry How

The Oakland Raiders got the ball to start out the game against the San Diego Chargers, but their drive lasted just one play. Derek Carr fumbled the opening play from scrimmage and the Chargers recovered. Their drive wasn't much longer than the Raiders as it only took 2 plays, however they got 7 points to show for their drive with a TD pass to Malcolm Floyd. Not even a minute into the game and it's already 7-0 Chargers.

The two teams traded unsuccessful drives after the San Diego touchdown, and then it was the Raiders turn to score some points. They had a nice 3rd down completion to Andre Holmes and then a big play to Mychal Rivera who showed off his wheels on a 33 yard catch and run. Those plays got the Raiders into field goal range and Sebastian Janikowski booted the 42 yard kick through the uprights to make the score 7-3.

The Chargers did get into Raiders territory on their next drive but TJ Carrie managed to break up a 3rd and 5 pass which forced a San Diego punt. Unfortunately it was a beautiful punt that pinned the Raiders deep in their own territory and Oakland went 3 and out from there. The punt from Marquette King was muffed by Keenan Allen but he managed to recover it himself.

Again the Raiders defense stiffened up right after the Chargers got onto their side of the field. The third down stop this time came from DJ Hayden who made a solid open field tackle on Malcolm Floyd. Again though the Raiders started out deep in their own territory and again they went 3 and out.

The Chargers have completely dominated the field position battle so far this game, they again start their drive near midfield after the Raiders started their drive near their own end zone. Despite that advantage they still only have the 7 points to show for it because the Oakland defense has held their own so far. The Raiders even got to start their next drive outside of their own 10 this time! It was only barely outside though since it was at the 13 yard line though, and again the Raiders failed to get a first down.

This time the Chargers took advantage of their excellent field position after the Raiders punt. Let's face it, you can't keep letting an offense like theirs start at midfield. Still the Oakland defense did eventually come up with a goal line stop and force a field goal from the Chargers. It made the score 10-3 but the Raiders had to feel lucky that it wasn't much worse at this point.

It will be very hard for the defense to keep their rate of play as high as it has been unless the Raiders offense can start moving the ball. Thankfully they did at least manage to drive to near midfield, but they ended up in a 4th and inches situation. Inexplicably, despite being an 0-9 team, they did not go for it. They punted back to the Chargers with just under 2 minutes in the half instead.

Philip Rivers did what you would expect a veteran QB to do and drove the team into field goal range. It was strange though because the Chargers decided to waste a lot of time and settled for a 48 yard field goal attempt which they ended up missing. They definitely had time to get closer for their kicker but their decision not to ended up haunting them. That was the final play of the half, Chargers lead 10-3.