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Know the Enemy Daily Links 11/17: Chiefs, Chargers win but Broncos go down in flames

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AFC West


Broncos Rams final score: Peyton Manning out-thrown by Shaun Hill in 22-7 Denver loss - Mile High Report

Broncos 7, Rams 22: In which Shaun Hill out-throws Peyton Manning.

Without piling on the coaches too much - there's been plenty of that already - here are six things we learned from the Broncos' 22-7 loss to the Rams.

The San Diego Chargers still appear to be a bad football team, but they were lucky enough to be matched up against a terrible 0-10 Oakland Raiders team this week and came out with a 13-6 win.

The San Diego Chargers missed the quiet presence of Ryan Mathews in the huddle and his bulldozing running style at the line of scrimmage.

The Chiefs battled the Seahawks to a 24-20 win. Here's what we learned about the Chiefs in this win.

The Chiefs and Broncos are setting up for a huge game in Week 13. But first Kansas City must take care of business in Oakland.


Called administrative in nature, the investigation was seeking to verify that properly licensed personnel were the only ones distributing the medications to players.

The Chargers, Raiders and Rams are eyeing the empty L.A. market, and each other