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Tim Brown among 25 Hall of Fame 2015 semifinalists

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Pro Football Hall of Fame

The list of 25 semifinalists for the class of 2015 was announced today. Among them was ‘Mr Raider' Tim Brown. He and Roger Craig are the lone former Raiders to make the list of semifinalists.

The initial list had 113 nominees, 11 of whom were former Raiders. Those who didn't make the list of semifinalists were Rich Gannon, Steve Wisniewski, Greg Townsend, Ted Washington, Matt Millen, Eric Allen, Albert Lewis, Terry McDaniel, and Tom Flores. That of course doesn't include a host of former Raiders who were left off the list of nominees entirely.

See the entire list of semifinalists here.

Tim Brown has been a finalist every year since he became eligible seven years ago. He made it to the final cutdown the last two years before falling short. This year he competes at receiver with former Colts wide receiver Marvin Harrison and two former members of the Rams ‘Greatest Show on Turf' Isaac Bruce and Tory Holt.

Brown was a career Raider (aside from the one year in Tampa).

From this list, the Pro Football Hall of Fame Selection Committee will reduce the number to 15 Modern-Era finalists which will be announced in early January.