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Chiefs concerned with letdown? No WR TD's in KC? Those answers and more here

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For this week's Five Good Questions, we speak with Joel Thorman from SB Nation Chiefs blog, Arrowhead Pride to get the lowdown on the team the Raiders will be facing on Thursday night in Oakland.

1. Chiefs beat a tough Seahawks team on Sunday. Is there any worry in a short week, on the road there might be a letdown?

It's tough for a game to be bigger than the defending champs at your house so, yeah, I do think there's some concern for a let down game. The Chiefs also had their most physical game of the season. The injury report may not show it but clearly some players will be feeling it on short rest. Ultimately though the Chiefs tend to beat the teams they should. Save the Week 1 loss to the Titans, the Chiefs really haven't had any bad losses. Based on what we know about the Chiefs under Andy Reid I believe he will have them ready but I'm not expecting a 56-point outburst like we saw last year.

2. I am hearing a lot about the work my boy De'Anthony Thomas aka "The Black Momba" is doing in Kansas City. What does he do for the Chiefs? Is he their X-factor?

He is so fun to watch. He's one of those players you always recognize when he gets on the field, whether that's as a punt / kick returner or a running back or receiver. He can be a weapon with the ball but just as much without it.Andy Reid does a really good job of using him as a decoy to get the defenses off balance. He's explosive enough in the open field that defenses have to respect that. He may only have a handful of touches in the game but he will affect the game more than that. Watch out for him early in the game when the Chiefs like to put together a few plays for him.

3. The Chiefs started the season 0-2, then 2-3. What has happened since the bye week that they haven't lost a game?

Boring answer: They're playing sound, mistake-free football. And they can run the hell out of the ball sometimes.

Defensively they have taken away the big play from the opposing offense. That was what hurt them quite a bit last year but the Chiefs have done a great job of just taking away that big play. Their run defense isn't very great but they have come up big when they need it the most (see: 4th and 1 vs. Seattle). The pass defense is one of the best in the league and there isn't really a true superstar back there (Eric Berry missed half the season so far with an ankle injury). Offensively the Chiefs have a few new elements added from last year. Second-year RB Knile Davis has at times taken on a larger role as the complement to Jamaal Charles, De'Anthony Thomas will be on the field in a variety of roles and TE Travis Kelce, who is back from injury last year, has emerged as one of the Chiefs best pass catchers. They won't consistently beat you deep but the Chiefs have put on some very nice looking drives this season. The offense is at its best when Charles and Davis are both rushing the ball well and Alex Smith is called upon to convert on third down where they have been pretty good.

4. What's going on with none of the Chiefs wide receivers having a touchdown? How can a team survive that way, let alone be playing this well?

The Chiefs are actually one of the top rushing teams, which is weird to say with Andy Reid as the head coach. So that explains why they'd be ranked low. But that not one receiver has caught a touchdown pass? That's just weird. Dwayne Bowe has made it inside the 5-yard line a couple of times. AJ Jenkins was a half yard out a few weeks ago. Jenkins also stepped out of bounds with nothing but daylight in front of him one time. I would expect them to be ranked very low in receiver touchdowns because of the talent there as well as where Alex Smith's strengths lie but it's just a statistical oddity that not one receiver has caught a touchdown pass.

5. In a game like this, with two teams going in two different directions, the Raiders will need to try and exploit any weakness they can. Where should they focus to try and find some success?

The Chiefs run defense would be the spot to attack. The 49ers beat the Chiefs and the Seahawks almost did by sticking to the running game against the Chiefs. That takes the best part of the Chiefs defense -- Tamba Hali and Justin Houston's pass rush -- out of the game. This means that the Raiders will have to start fast. If the Chiefs get a two or three score lead, their pass rush can pin their ears back and go.

I will post my answers to his questions when they post them.

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