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Oakland Raiders at Seattle Seahawks 2nd half open thread

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Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Once again the Raiders got the ball first and once again they drove the ball into the opponent's territory on their opening drive. They even converted a couple of 3rd down plays on the drive though they still had to settle for a 48 yard field goal. No fake this time, they kicked it through for the 3-0 lead.

Unfortunately, the Seahawks also were able to convert a couple of third downs on their opening drive. They got a ridiculous TD run from Marshawn Lynch, with the help of teammates, when he literally ran over Sio Moore AND Charles Woodson. The drive was helped by a 36 yard pass interference penalty by D.J. Hayden that put the Seahawks in 1st and goal. The Raiders lead did not last long, the touchdown made the score 7-3 Seahawks.

After the Seattle touchdown both teams traded three and outs. The Raiders managed a first down to end the three and out trading between the two teams. However, they followed that first down with an interception returned for a touchdown, so the score then became 14-3. At least it wasn't intercepted by Richard Sherman, instead it was linebacker Bruce Irvin. We Raiders fans have to search for the little victories, since we obviously are not going to get many big ones!

As we know, any victories for the Raiders are short lived and the "at least it wasn't Sherman" victory is no different. He got his first interception of the year on the Raiders very next drive and returned it to inside Oakland's red zone. The defense held strong though and the Seahawks had to settle for a field goal to make the score 17-3.

Surely disappointed with their inability to score a TD after Sherman's interception, the Seahawks were eager to get the ball back. So eager in fact that they punched the ball out of T.J. Carrie's hands on his return and recovered it. Again though, the Raiders defense held strong and forced a field goal attempt.

The difference though this time was the Seahawks missed the 46 yard field goal! Oakland couldn't do anything with their good field position nor their luck of the missed field goal. A Neiko Thorpe special teams tackle had the Seahawks starting at their own 2 yard line, another small victory for the Raiders there. Remember to enjoy those when you see them.

The Raiders defense again came up with the stop on the Seahawks, though they did gain some yards so they weren't punting from their endzone. It was the third straight stop for the Raiders defense on Seattle's talented offense, they have played well throughout this first half.

The offense on the other hand, has not played well. Again they failed to reward the solid play from the defense. It was another three and out for them and another Marquette King punt. The Seahawks defense is giving Derek Carr everything he can handle and then some. Oh, and don't even talk about the non existent run game.

This time the Raiders defense could not stop the Seahawks offense quickly like they had been for most of the game. Seattle finally got some rhythm going and moved the ball right down the field. They scored on another Marshawn Lynch touchdown and made the score 24-3.

The Raiders got the ball back with just under a minute in the half remaining. T.J. Carrie tried to make up some for his fumble on his previous return and got his best kick return of the year. It was only 32 yards to their own 37. They drove into field goal range but Sebastian Janikowski missed the 51 yard attempt to go into half time down 24-3.