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Fans take out ad to get Raiders to bring back Hue Jackson as head coach in 2015

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Hue Jackson, the name that just will not go away! Hue was first hired as the offensive coordinator under Tom Cable in 2010 but then was promoted to head coach in 2011 after Cable was fired by Al Davis. His tenure lasted only one season, but the season featured the Raiders going 8-8 and just missing the playoffs after losing a tie breaker for the division title.

Jackson was fired after the lone season but the debate on whether he should have been is still ongoing today. He was hired by Al Davis and had a great working relationship with the dearly departed late owner of the Oakland Raiders. Unfortunately for Hue, his relationship with Al's son and current owner Mark Davis was not as great. Mark hired Reggie McKenzie as the new GM, and the new GM almost immediately fired Hue Jackson and hired the doomed Dennis Allen as his successor.

The move was never a unanimously favored one, and some fans have taken their own money to spread the gospel of Hue even today. Via, members of Raider Nation have taken out an ad in the Oakland Tribune to encourage the Raiders front office to bring Hue Jackson back as the head coach for 2015.

This is by no means the first time Raider Nation has bought ad space to show their desires. Back in 2009 they also purchased an ad, one in the form of a billboard to encourage Al Davis to replace himself as the GM of the team. It did not work, but we will see if this time it will be different.

Since many of us do not have good enough vision to read such tiny print as what is shown in the tweet above, here is the ad transcribed:

Hire Hue Jackson in 2015

We, diehard fans of the Oakland Raiders, encourage the current ownership and management to Hire Coach Hue Jackson in 2015. We want to publish an open letter in this newspaper and make our voices heard. Please visit and visit our webpage at and go to Facebook to like Hire Hue Jackson.

Ever since our Super Bowl loss in 2002, our beloved Raiders organization has been having unsuccessful, losing seasons. In 2010, we hired Coach Hue Jackson as offensive coordinator, who came in to work alongside then Head Coach Tom Cable. He aided the franchise to bounce back from a 4-12 record to an 8-8 record. Hue Jackson was promoted to Head Coach. Our players were motivated and wanted to play for Coach Jackson, and there was a huge shift in culture within the Raiders locker room. That season, our team went 8-8, just missing the playoffs. This success was in spite of the 132-day NFL lockout, losing our starting quarterback Jason Campbell to injury, and then losing our running back Darren McFadden. In addtion, our legendary, trendsetting, trailblazing owner, Al Davis passed away. Mark Davis assumed ownership while grieving his loss and it was Hue Jackson's loyalty to the franchise that saw him take on more responsibilities.

Despite the firing of Coach Allen, our record as of print is 0-10 and 0-16 over two seasons! Our team was in a better position with Coach Hue Jackson. Raiders Nation let your voice be heard; hire Hue Jackson in 2015!

Paid for by Supporters of Hire Hue Jackson.